How I Saved 1M with a Sole Source Supplier

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Right Data. For the Right Decisions. Using the Right Technology – RightSpend.

How I Saved 5M+ in Agency Spend

Not only am I going to show you how I saved 5M in my multi-year implementation of RightSpent as an Advertising Agency Management tool at Gilead, but I’ve got a little bit more up my sleeve. I want to give you a SNEAK PREVIEW into (Rightspend 2.0). So sit down and buckle up, because this search is going to revolutionize the services procurement marketplace.

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tealbook – The Global Launch

How Old School is Your Supplier Tool?

This isn’t a database that only gives you contract, spend data and diversity reporting on internal suppliers. It’s more than just a consolidated and enhanced external supplier search tool. tealbook is an intuitive platform, enhanced with AI that adapts to the ever changing market. Therefore, I’m proud to be the first to implement the platform company wide.

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The Sourcing Redemption

Suppliers and Vendors – This Rant is for You!

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Women Supporting Women #WSW

Christy Willmon (Willmon Consulting)

In thinking about future blogs, and how I can give back to those who have inspired me, I’ve decided to talk about how they did it. Along with how they have supported and motivated me to be a better person. This is the first in the series of many chapters to come.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotechs Paying Doctors and Nurses – Can be a GOOD Thing


An Inside Look into Pharma Sales and Marketing

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