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BEWARE The Ides of March is Coming! You May Want to Run to the Bathroom to Hide.

Beware! The Ides of March Approaches! The Ides of March in the Bio-Pharma Industry Lay-offs and Lessons I'm sure every industry has its "Ides of March." It just...

Five Obstacles with Management Consulting Spend and the Simple Solutions to Crack their Code!

The Management Consulting Category - Say What? Let's first start this blog by saying that Management Consulting (the category of spend) holds a special place in my heart. ...

I am afraid to open my inbox on a daily basis. What is with the influx in the crazy amount of emails lately?

Send Some Emails Are you Team Johnny or Team Amber? Oh who am I kidding, we are all on team Mega Pint. And that is exactly what I...

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