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The Naked Truth

the naked truth

Truth went down to a stream one day and undressed for a cool refreshing swim. While Truth was swimming, a Lie came along and took off his clothes and stole the garments that belonged to Truth.

The Lie dressed in the garments that belonged to Truth. The Lie paraded himself through the streets of the city dressed as Truth; a lie dressed up like the truth.

Many of the people were impressed with the Lie. The Lie was so splendid and beautiful. He looked and sounded wonderful.

When Truth stepped out of the water and found his clothes had been stolen, Truth had to make a choice. He saw the garments the Lie had left behind.

Truth said to himself, "I'd rather walk around naked than to walk around as a Lie. I'll just have to be what I am; the naked Truth"

In our personal and business lives, we all have choices to make. We can be a lie dressed up as the truth or actually walk around as the naked truth.

Which one are You?

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Category Management – The Naked Truth.

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