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A Little Bit About Me

Born and raised in the midwest (Chicago native), I’ve got an interesting and unique perspective on the business world. I recevied by BS in Biology at Eastern Illinois University and thought I’d become a Pharmacuetical Sales Rep. Somehow, I ended up in a Quality Control lab.

This is where I quickly realized that working in the lab, wasn’t my calling. And since I lived close to Purdue, I decided to go back to school to expand my horizons and opppurtunities. So I used all of my vacation for the next three years to work full time at Eli Lilly, while pursing the Executive MBA.

It was during my MBA I networked and found I liked the Corporate FP&A role an interesting venture. I loved numbers, budgets, and people, so what wasn’t to love! Soon my EMBA was finishing up and after talking to a classmate, I decided to apply for a position to work at Amgen with him. And in less than two weeks, I had the job and was moving across the country.

After a position supporting the operations team, I moved over to supporting the Sales & Marketing team. This is where a spark for me started.  I had always wanted to be a Sales Rep, so I got to learn more about it, even if indirectly.

After a good five years or so in FP&A Finance role, I wanted to learn something new. (And the ability to take off during month end, quarter end or just during the planning cycle!). Since I had learned about influencing the teams on the back end of the budgeting/spending process, I decided I wanted to learn more about the front end.

And this lead into my venture where I found my true passion – Category Management.  Calling strategic sourcing, procurement or anything else I had finally hit my stride. It combined the numbers aspect of analysis along with the influencing portion I so loved.

With the influence and encouragement of other women business partners, I eventually started this blog. It was originally a simple request to write something once a quarter to publish on  But it turned into so much more. I couldn’t figure out the best place to create and store all of my information, so I decided to create my own website and blog.

From this little blog started in 2018, I’ve gone on to expand my horizons even further. I’ve started speaking at conference events, participated in webinars and panels, written guest blogs, and even started to create videos.  I’ve even dived into podcasts with some industry experts, and become the #3 Top Procurement Influencer.

So where will I go from here? Your guess is as good as mine! I’ve always gone where life and opportunity has taken me. So stay tuned for more interesting twists and turns. If you leave your door and mind open, you never know where life can take you!


Ms. Category Management


My Resume

Advisory Board Member – Global Women Procurement Professionals

Advisory Board Member – ProcureCon Marketing 2019


Sr. Category Manager, Supporting Global Commercial and Indirect Areas

Categories: Advertising,  Digital Media, Call Centers, Market Research, Meeting & Events, Travel, Professional Services


Category Manager, Supporting Global Commercial Function

Categories: Advertising, Meeting & Events, Med. Comm. Agencies, Fleet Services

Guitar Center

Category Manager, Supporting All Global Indirect Spend

Categories: Store Operations, Procure to Pay, Warehousing, IT Systems


Category Manager, Supporting North America Commercial Operations

Categories: Management Consulting, Fleet, Other Commercial project support

Sr. FP&A Associate, Supporting Commercial Business Units

Sr. FP&A Associate, Supporting Operations

Eli Lilly

Associate Financial Analyst, Supporting Global Process and Maintenance Engineering, Corporate Health Safety & Environmental and Global Manufacturing Strategy Supply Chain Management

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