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Ms Category Management and the Naked Truth

Born and raised in the midwest (Chicago native), I’ve got an interesting and unique perspective on the business world. I received my BS in Biology at Eastern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from Purdue University.

I always thought I’d become (but never did!) a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. but somehow, found my calling in Category Management.

With the influence and encouragement of other women’s business partners, I eventually started this blog. It was originally a simple request to write something once a quarter to publish on

But it turned into so much more. I couldn’t figure out the best place to create and store all of my information, so I decided to create my own website and blog.

From this little blog started in 2018, I’ve gone on to expand my horizons even further. I’ve started speaking at conference events, participated in webinars and panels, written guest blogs, and even started to create videos. With my latest adventure being the MarPro Podcast!

I’ve even dived into podcasts with some industry experts, and become the #1 Top Procurement Influencer.

Who knows where I’ll go from here, so be prepared for anything!

Ms. Category Management

Dana M Small


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