#WSW – Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women


#WSW - Women in the workplace. We've all had the battles and struggles to overcome the gender bias. We are constantly pushing a boulder up a hill. I was only one of 3 women in my ENTIRE Executive MBA Class. But there are more Women CEOs and CFOs than ever before. We are breaking the glass ceiling. More women are getting not only JUST a seat but THE seat at the table.

So let's make sure we do it together and lift each other up. We can't rule the world if we are constantly pushing each other down. We have it hard enough, so let's support each other and promote healthy workplace relationships. Let's do it for the future of our girls and the next generation because they will be the ones ruling the world!


Check out my blog posts and content below dedicated to supporting other inspiring women. #WSW

WSW – Women in the Workplace Sites:

Forbes – A trusted partner for the Top 100 Websites for Women List

Lean In – Connect, build skills, and find research all in support of women. Despite the debate, there are good ideas to takeaway.

85 Broads – 85 Broads is a professional women’s network committed to global economic empowerment for women.

Glass Hammer – The Glass Hammer is an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law, and business. A variety of contributors offer useful content to “inform, empower and inspire” professional women.

Stiletto Woman – Stiletto Woman is a print and digital magazine for women transitioning into entrepreneurship. It’s business and career blogs address a wealth of topic helpful for working women

Women2.0 – Women 2.0 offers online events and a job board. However, its Life, Startups and Technology sections include valuable articles for entrepreneurs, managers and female investors

Women Work – The National Network for Women

Do you know of any amazing women’s blogs or sites? Please share them with me!


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Christy Willmon


Stephany LaPierre


Sarah Scudder


Kelly Barner


Michelle Charpentier

celia landesberg

Celia Landesberg

Millennials Millennial

Victoria Vitale

classification guru

Susan Walsh

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