7 Amazing Fun Facts about Category Managers

Seven 7 Fun Facts about Category Managers
Seven 7 Fun Facts about Category Managers
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Seven 7 Fun Facts about Category Managers
Seven 7 Fun Facts about Category Managers


We Get to Hang out with Cool People

We have projects that are not only cross-functional but also global by nature. We work between geographies, functions and even executives. You don’t have to be a people person to work in Category Management, but it sure doesn’t hurt!


We Are All Grown-up

I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who wanted to grow up and become a Category Manager or Strategic Sourcing Specialist.  It just kind of happens.  And we have a diverse set of backgrounds to show for it.


We Have Cool Technology

We have access to company-wide spend. If you’ve charged it, created a PO or have sent in a non-PO invoice I can see it. Cool right? We can see everything!


We Report into Finance

Typically tend to report into finance, and since we sit near Accounts Payable (AP) or other functions, we have the inside track in getting things expedited!


We Have Legal Experience

Typically we work with legal enough to have written our own business terms at some point. We could easily become paralegals as a part-time job!


Constantly Shopping

Sometimes it feels like we are shoppers! Find innovative solutions? Check.  Get to review cutting edge technology? Check. All of this in a day’s work.


Other Days We are Undercover Detectives

One of the best parts of our job is gaining access to market research, intelligence or benchmark data.  It feels like we are FBI agents on a secret mission to find out what our competitors are doing!

Seven Fun Facts. I hope you enjoyed reading about seven fun amazing facts about strategic sourcing and category managers.  If not, it’s unfortunate.  Especially since you can’t read this as it’s in white text.
I hope you enjoyed my article.  I suppose my writing style is too much for some. But that’s okay.  I promise to keep it simple from now on. And having white text makes it even easier for the fun facts.
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