You May Hate Procurement, But Did You Know it Could be Your Ticket to the C-Suite?


What’s the Point of Procurement

We’re the cops of the business. Checking to ensure you did things right.

So I get it when most people don’t like us. Shoot, I wouldn’t say I like cops either. My heart starts racing whenever I get pulled over (even if I’ve done nothing wrong)!

But the point of procurement is to ensure the business is getting the best bang for their buck. If you try to go around this, you’ve only got to assume it’s not for the best reasons.

Despite all of that, C-Suite Executives look to us to provide value, cost savings, and streamline efficiencies, which puts us in the spotlight for several reasons.


If you are smart enough, you can use it to your advantage!


How Procurement Can Be Your Ticket

Even though you may hate what we are doing, and how we are doing it, you should be smart enough to use it to your advantage. Because, why the hell not?

We have consistent access and exposure to executives. When are projects are large enough, and there is a huge potential benefit for the business, the interest from the C-Suite always grows.

Even if it’s for your exposure and benefit, it should be motivation enough to work with your pals on the purchasing side. But how can or will you benefit? Check out these examples below.

1. Project Exposure

Think about it for a minute. One of the primary goals for our organization is to save millions of dollars. It’s not rocket science, but it can change the bottom line to what the corporation reports out as profit.

Just by its inherent nature, saving millions can get your foot in the door. Not to mention,  large, cross-functional projects that span the company – tend to gain attention quickly.

So participation and leading the way for these changes, are just one avenue for you to get exposure to the C-Suite.

2. Savings Reporting

Piggy-backing on the previous item of exposure, is that of savings reporting that also gives us additional exposure. Just like your organization has goals and metrics to meet, so does ours. The difference is, it’s mostly about the money.

In procurement, we have to list all of our projects/outcomes for internal review. When there is a big-ticket item, and it produces significant change, you know that most executive teams will be briefed.

And during that meeting, you can rest assured there are C-Suite level Executives (even if it’s only the CFO).

3. Procurement Organization’s Reporting Structure

We report into finance. We have skip levels. Even if we are getting in fights over savings numbers, it’s memorable. Not to mention, some categories get exposure to the c-suite as they are a buyer of our services and they really care what happens.

Take it a step further. Who do you think Executives call when they want to purchase something, but don’t have the time? Or who do you think they turn to when they feel their project is overpriced? That’s right. You may not like us (and I can’t say I blame you somewhat) but we are a necessary evil.


A Necessary Evil

So you may view procurement as a roadblock, but this isn’t reality. Yes, we may try to get you to do the right thing, but it’s not really your money anyways – is it?

Therefore,, if you can bite the bullet and work with us, it will only be to your benefit. Because even if we can roam the halls and tell everyone the amazing savings we provide, we still have the ears of those who care about the bottom line.

And at the end of the day, if you want to move into that position… you’ll need to care about it too!

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You May Hate Procurement, But Did You Know it Could be Your Ticket to the C-Suite? 1

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