Rant: My So-Called 2020 Pandemic Life

Rant Alert!

My Rant

I quit. I’m done. I’m over it. Nothing sums up this year better than “it’s a hot mess, inside the dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”  Because as a working parent, it literally is. Every. Single. Day. It’s at a point now (with no end in sight) I’ve hit my breaking point – as I’m sure many of you feel the same! So what should change?

First, can we just forget about Zoom meetings? Can we just go back to conference calls so I don’t have to be video-ready every day? It’s getting to be exhausting. And sad when I throw on glasses so I don’t have to do my makeup that day. Who is with me?!

And I’m done with all things virtual. Conferences. Happy Hours. Let’s bring back water cooler talk. Office gossip. Annoyingly loud coworkers a few desks away on their phones. Where do I sign up?!

Also, I would do absolutely anything, not to deal with my kids when I’m working. This one is taking a toll on me. And everyone I work with. There, I said it!! Everything about working from home with a 2-year-old who doesn’t get it has ripened waaaaaay past its due date.

The Rant Continued…


Not to mention, there are a ton of things that I use to absolutely loathe, that I now would willingly be happy to bring back into my life.

Traffic jam? Bring it on. Alone time in the car sounds like a vacation. Listen to the radio, zoning out while I drive to work.  What’s not to love? And then I want to honk at someone for cutting me off. Just to get the blood flowing.

I want to literally run late to a meeting, or have people show up late. Because it’s movement. Between different buildings and people. Wouldn’t that be magnificent?!

As much as I hate to say it, I want to feel the gripping panic and fear of when my boss stops by and asks to ‘talk to me in their office.’ Even if it means I get yelled at for something. It would be a-ma-zing to be yelled at in person! (Don’t you think?)

I really just want to return to feeling like I have a non-pandemic, normal life. The way we are currently living doesn’t really feel like I even have a life. Even weekends aren’t anything to look forward to.

Who else wouldn’t mind a few everyday nuisances to return back into our lives?!



Looking back, isn’t it funny the things we once hated dealing with now, would be a welcome diversion? And how the term “business as usual” takes on a new meaning? There has to way for us all to feel normal again. I’m just not sure how we can…ideas anyone?! Asking for a friend…


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