Run to your local store and order your Christmas presents now! NO SERIOUSLY. Major Supply Chain disruptions are on the Horizon!

Supply Chain Issues Expected to Increase in 2022

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

I was chatting recently with my favorite podcast co-host Mr. Rusty Pepper, and he mentioned on how we haven’t seen anything yet, and 2022 was going to be disastrous due to China’s energy issues.

Now, I knew there was a potential for it after seeing Halloween stock get decimated at my local Target. That said, I just didn’t understand to the extent it would be an issue.

Like start ordering Christmas presents now from Amazon (since they just sent out their catalog) type of issue. Be prepared to see a repeat of last year, but much, much earlier. That thing didn’t come early for no reason.

China, faced with rising electricity demand and surging coal and natural gas prices , is cracking down on power consumption amid emissions reduction targets that the national government has set to ensure blue skies at the Winter Olympics in Beijing beginning February 4, 2022, as it did with the 2008 Olympics.  IER – Institute for Energy Research

Christmas and Supply Chain Management


Now if you’re like me and aren’t in a industry that has been majorly affected by the supply chain issues and shortages, then you probably think I’m vastly over exaggerating.

Or if you are in an industry that’s impacted, you may think – well it couldn’t get any worse! But I’m going to take a gamble and say both those positions are probably wrong. Just check out the video above to understand the compounding factors that will turn this ugly in 2022.


Don’t be surprised if it’s already back-ordered


Not being in a heavily impacted at work has made me a bit immune to it all (because I typically deal with services/people). But, within the past couple of weeks, I’ve personally seen some disparaging trends.

Costco is out of toilet paper again. Simple ballet skirts are back-ordered for 4-6 months, some of the tops were back-ordered for over a year. The week after Target put out Halloween decorations, they pretty much all were gone. Not to mention the jacked-up prices on Amazon for similar stuff.

Christmas and Procrastinators

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the classic procrastinator.  Maybe it’s because my father and I use to go out every Christmas Eve to get my mom’s gift, or maybe it’s just because with kids it can seem overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping, it’s just where to hide the gifts that is getting tough lately!

Either way, I would urge you… if you are like me and like to wait until the last minute. Don’t! At least try to get something ordered so you know you’ll have something to give to your family and friends.

Not to mention, if you are in the business and think there is a potential for stock-out. Order now. Seriously. Even in the promotional items category we are seeing buyers buy-out entire lines of stock in fear they won’t be able to purchase anything else.  In a sense, we are shooting ourselves in the foot, and making it worse by doing so.

So plan ahead. Don’t go crazy.  And hopefully you’ll all be able to enjoy the Christmas Holiday in 2021!

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Run to your local store and order your Christmas presents now! NO SERIOUSLY. Major Supply Chain disruptions are on the Horizon! 1

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