Right Data. For the Right Decisions. Using the Right Technology – RightSpend.

How I Saved 5M+ in Agency Spend

Not only am I going to show you how I saved 5M in my multi-year implementation of RightSpent as an Advertising Agency Management tool at Gilead, but I’ve got a little bit more up my sleeve. I want to give you a SNEAK PREVIEW into (Rightspend 2.0). So sit down and buckle up, because this search is going to revolutionize the services procurement marketplace.

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tealbook – The Global Launch

How Old School is Your Supplier Tool?

This isn’t a database that only gives you contract, spend data and diversity reporting on internal suppliers. It’s more than just a consolidated and enhanced external supplier search tool. tealbook is an intuitive platform, enhanced with AI that adapts to the ever changing market. Therefore, I’m proud to be the first to implement the platform company wide.

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How Service Based Companies Increase Profit Part 2: How to Defend Against Them

If you haven’t had the chance – read (Part 1) regarding top tactics service companies use to increase profits. This article is intended to address these common issues using negotiation tactics to ensure profits stay reasonable. I won’t ever ask you to work for free, but you sure as hell shouldn’t be driving a Lamborghini to work!

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Rate Analysis Made Easy

Ever struggled with having enough information on a rate to negotiate with – no time or money for a single rate benchmark? Maybe you need a quick analysis to make sure a new supplier is aligned with your other preferred suppliers. What about needing to know the profit margin for each position on a rate card? Maybe you want to improve your Algebra/Excel skills – continuous learning plan anyone? Whatever the driver is, information is power. I’m going to show you in five minutes how you to figure out the breakdown of an hourly rate. It’s only three steps and you’ll look as smart as a Nuclear Physicist!

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Ho, Ho, Ho – Here we go again!

Hey Santa, what’s in the bag? Sourcing tools, SRM or a Sales and Marketing RFP?

Since it’s finally December I decided why not? Let’s have a holiday blog… and away we go!

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