Women Procurement Leaders Event: Building Your Personal Brand Webinar 7/16 – Register NOW!

Women Procurement Leaders Event: Building Your Personal Brand Webinar 7/16 - Register NOW! 1
women procurement
women procurement

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Women Procurement Leaders

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they want to or not. Making sure your brand is positive, and authentic to you isn’t something that always comes naturally. You have to work at it. In this webinar you will hear from two professionals who have both built their personal brands using a wide range of skills and avenues.

In this session we will cover:

  • Two case study examples of building a personal brand
  • Advice on how to create a positive personal brand
  • Live Q&A


Leslie Venetz

Leslie Venetz is a seasoned business development professional focused on helping organizations save time and money. She has spent her career working across diverse verticals such as energy, branding, hospitality and procurement. Leslie is currently the Director of New Member Expansion in the Americas for Procurement Leaders.

Leslie is passionate about community-building and equality. In addition to supporting the Women Procurement Leaders’ community, she also serves as the President of the Chicago Children’s Museum’s Metropolitan Board and emeritus Founding Board Member of the Chicago Collegiate Charter School. You can find Leslie on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/leslievenetz where she is always ready to talk about non-profit work, exotic travel, the newest book she is reading and SoulCycle…


Sarah Barnes

Sarah is a logistician turned supply chain marketer, passionate about bringing stories to life in an industry that has traditionally been about stats and numbers. As the host of the popularLetsTalk Supply Chain Podcast (LTSC), blog and The Trade Squad on YouTube, Sarah helps tell the stories and bring awareness to brands and hot topics in the industry which includes her infamous Women in Supply Chain series.

Recently named Top 100 most influential women leaders in Supply Chain (global) and Top 100 most influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain, Sarah has spent the past 20 years in logistics and supply chain learning everything she can, and recently ventured off on her own to grow the LTSC brand including a new YouTube Channel called “The SC, supply chain tv” where you will learn from real people talking about real supply chain topics. Sarah is also the Co-Founder and CEO ofShipzInc, a new technology platform encompassing all of her experience and knowledge in supply chain bringing innovative, collaborative ideas together on own platform for the supply chain industry.


Dana M. Small

Dana is a Strategic Sourcing Professional with over 14 years of experience in Finance and 11 of those supporting the Global Sales and Marketing (Commercial) Function. She’s spent 18 years within the Pharmaceutical / Biotech (BioPharma) Industry, with the beginning of her career starting in a lab. She has an Executive MBA from Purdue University and a BS in Biological Sciences from EIU.

She’s owner of the blog Ms Category Management – (https://mscategorymanagement.com) where she gives insightful guidance for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement professionals, and business executives. She’s passionate about supporting other women in her blog and has started the hashtag #WSW or #Womensupportingwomen to highlight the amazing women in all fields.

She’s an outspoken member of the Women Procurement and Sourcing community, as you can find her speaking at conferences, participating in panels and webinars almost monthly. You can find her on LinkedIn sharing insights, blogs and posts Here or you can follow her Ms Category Management page.



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