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Christy Willmon (Willmon Consulting)

In thinking about future blogs, and how I can give back to those who have inspired me, I’ve decided to talk about how they did it. Along with how they have been supporting and motivating me to be a better person. This is the first in the series of many chapters to come.



Since this is Christy’s last week /day at BioMarin *sniff sniff – I’m not crying, you’re crying!*, I thought it only fitting to write an article about my experience in working with her. She covered for me during my maternity leave, and then was extended to year end.

If you are a perfectionist as I tend to be, you really worry when you pass off your work to someone else. Will they screw things up? Will they say something to a business partner and break a relationship? Will they accept her as my replacement? Can she handle it all with new systems and technology?


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I quickly found out when I returned, she could and did! I was better off on the majority of the projects that I had left her. Christy made new key relationships with some of the toughest of business partners in the S&M department. She fit right in with everyone in the Sourcing Team and comororidory was high. Christy did all of this while supporting ALL of indirect spend.

Which got me thinking, how the hell did she do it? She was a consultant on a short term project, but made more headway than anyone could have ever expected. So how was it possible for Christy to do so much when she didn’t have decades of experience in Pharma. indirect spend? Well it’s simple.

First she asked questions. Lots of them with tons of enthusiasm for learning. Showing the business partner even if she didn’t have the years of experience in a specific area, but she could still give them direction for sourcing. Christy had a sense of urgency around the right projects and drove them to completion. Christy had the underlying skills for any amazing category manager and I’m sure she could go anywhere and be as just successful because of them.


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Now on to her work ethic. We only had her part time (20 hours a week) but I’m pretty sure she worked over that. I don’t know how she couldn’t have with the workload. How many consultants do you know that are ethical and hard workers?!

Have you ever met someone, who just by being around them makes you excited? Someone who can make the most mundane RFP sound interesting? They bring a level of energy to everything they do and it inspires you to do the same. (And I’m not just talking about drinking a pot of coffee type inspiration!). That was Christy. Morning. Noon. and Night. Despite the short term position, Christy brought a level of drive, passion and spirit.

Fortunately enough, Christy was the perfect fit to our organization when we needed it. It really is a shame we didn’t have the headcount to permanently hire her (since we all felt like she was already one of us!). But despite her having to move on, I lucked out too.

Christy inspired me to push hard and be positive (even if I was only getting 4 hours of sleep a night). She was there to support me as friend and colleague through the worst of it. She did it all knowing she’d eventually have to leave our team. But we are the lucky ones to have her to help motivate our group to push ourselves to bigger and better things. And for that we are all grateful. So cheers to you Christy! I can’t wait to see what new and exciting endeavors await you next!


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