Sourceit and the RSN Real Sourcing Network – Sarah Scudder #WSW

Sourceit for bidding out Print, Fullfillment and Promotional Items for your entire company!

This blog isn’t just to highlight this amazing tool, it’s also a #WSW blog. For all the amazing women like Sarah and what they do for our industry in creating a better place to work and grow in. If you don’t know Sarah, you should! She’s the President of the RSN – Real Sourcing Network.

And talk about a busy lady, between speaking events, owning and running Sourceit and creating her magazine – I’m not sure where she finds the time! Even if you aren’t a procurement professional, you still should check out RSN and some of the events and resources she has provided.  Why? Because there are few professionals like her, just read the highlighted line from her interview with ISM below.

There’s something to be said for such honesty and integrity in focusing on making the world a better place.

“… a winner of North Bay Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award. Sarah won the Print+Promo’s Trailblazer Under 40 award. Sarah won the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA)’s Member of the Year award. But none of the above matters.  What matters is that Sarah Scudder treats everyone with respect, and it is her desire to make the world a better place. She is well on her way”

Sarah Scudder – #WSW


What is Sourceit? And why do you need it?


So if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’d realize that I love being an early adopter of technology. So when I find something with potential and that is super easy to use and implement, I tend to want to share!

In most industries, three bids an a buy is standard and considered a best practice when it comes to print materials.  The market is saturated with lots of competition, it doesn’t always pay to consolidate.

The strategy is to keep the competition on their toes to ensure fair pricing. Sourceit gives you the flexibility to move and change with your business. It also gives you the ability to know you are getting the best pricing.

Other highlights of Sourceit direct from the creator:

  • Integrate with third party systems
  • Facilitate guided buying for building a print RFQ
  • Automate a competitive 5-bid process on each job
  • Captures local, sustainable and diversity spend
  • Tracks saving and data
  • Allow companies to set up their own print suppliers
  • Provides a built-in supplier base


What makes Sourceit different?


Sourceit is created by an ex-industry professional. That’s why it’s designed is better than 99.9% of other tools. It has the flexibility to the other software companies fail to include in their product. Or at least that’s what one of my colleagues told me.

Considering she has a decade or two worth of print experience (and with the tools), I had her take a look at the demo.  She’s not a big fan of technology, so that’s why I knew she’d be perfect to review it. Always a tough critic.

That said, she just couldn’t find anything she wanted to change. Not only was it simple and easy to use, but it maintained the flexibility she needed in her position. Which makes my job in showcasing it to her and other business partners, that much easier.

Not to mention, you can completely outsource your work to RSN (if you don’t have the time to source it yourself).  How’s that for customer service?!

Check out the Video for more Information


If you still need more info you may want to go directly to I’m a visual learner, so I know I benefited from getting a in-person over virtual demo.

Sarah was extremely patient with us and answered all questions, so I highly recommend you get the personalized tour too!

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