Advertising Fails, Follies, and F-ups. Check Out these Painful and Cringe-Worthy Epic Advertising Fails

Advertising Fails

I took a look back at some of my initial blogs, and I think I had a little more fun and creativity that I miss.

And since I support the Advertising Agency world, I thought it might be fun to create a post on epic advertising fails.

Advertising fails are more common than you think. Especially, if you take a look back at some of the old-school ads. (Can you say misogyny?!). They definitely haven’t stood the test of time.

But there are a lot of other reasons ads became epic fails. But are overtly racist, while others are just plain tone-deaf. You also have body-shaming, the trashy, and everything in between.

Some of these failures will leave scratching your head wondering how they couldn’t see it coming. (Especially the ones that weren’t meant to be controversial.)

You would think with a large team of copywriters, editors, project managers, on the agency side – these costly mistakes wouldn’t happen.

Not to mention the internal list of approvals from the actual brand. It’s mind-boggling that some of these ideas got past the cutting room floor, let alone published publically.

But it just goes to show you, everyone makes mistakes in life. Just be glad these aren’t yours!

TV Advertising

These are the worst of the worst. It would be surprising to think someone didn’t get fired for these epic fails.


According to Statista, revenue for the U.S. newspaper industry shrunk by about $4.5 billion between 2011 and 2018, and respected publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post have had extensive layoffs.

But that doesn’t mean the print industry is completely irrelevant. Find out more at, where they explain why print still matters in 2019.

Horrible Advertising Product Placement

Some are unfortunate, but really should have been thought through prior to placing!

Video Blogs

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Advertising Fails, Follies, and F-ups. Check Out these Painful and Cringe-Worthy Epic Advertising Fails 1

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