Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Eliminated in 2020

Overused Business Buzzwords


Things have been pretty heavy lately with all the beer virus updates. So, I thought it would be a good time to lighten the mood for a quick laugh to distract us all for a minute. Especially since there’s all this talk of a major global recession. So here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.

I recently went through an RFP, where I heard robust at least 20 times in the course of a two hour-long pitch. I’ve also heard ‘deep dive, next steps, and take this off-line,’ more than I’d like to admit in so many of my meetings.

And by the way, this wasn’t the first time it’s happened.. And I’m pretty sure you’ve been victim to it too. Unfortunately, it seems to be more common than not — and I for one, am not having it!

Not only was it mildly infuriating, it was extremely distracting to hear these terms repeated over and over during a course of a two hour meeting.

I may have adult ADHD, but when I looked around the room and noticed an Executive Director taking a tally, I knew I wasn’t the only one who was irritated.

When I complain, I feel like I should also provide a solution. So, I’ve compiled a list of overused business buzzwords that need to be replaced and ideas around replacements.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead us down the same path of over-use! So here’s a blog dedicated to making us all sound a bit smarter, and hopefully help us all regain our sanity in the process.

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Buzzwords to Get Rid of:

  1. Robust
  2. Take this off line
  3. Deep dive
  4. Nugget
  5. touch base
  6. circle back
  7. low hanging fruit
  8. Key takeaway
  9. push-back
  10. Heavy lifting
  11. Boil the ocean
  12. Stay aligned
  13. Skin in the game
  14. Buy-in
  15. Pro-active
  16. Value add
  17. Band-with
  18. Next steps
  19. Move the Needle
  20. Leverage
  21. Best Practice
  22. Synergy
  23. Action Item
  24. Bottom Line
  25. All annoying acronyms – EOD, ROI, etc.

Replacement Buzzwords:

  1. Hardy, Sturdy, or Vigorous
  2. Let’s set up time to discuss this later, I’ll follow-up with you on this
  3. Intensive look
  4. Morsel, bit, or piece
  5. chat or quick discussion
  6. Re-address, take a second look at, Come back to
  7. No-brainers, cakewalk, or easy options
  8. Crux of the argument, Key Points, or ultimate conclusion
  9. Force-back, oppose or rebuke
  10. Donkey Work or Hard Labor
  11. Undertake the impossible
  12. Coordinate
  13. Stake in the result
  14. Endorse, Support, or Back
  15. On-top of, Take Charge
  16. Enhanced or Upgrade
  17. Maxium available or total capability
  18. Next phase, follow-up
  19. Shift the situation, make a difference or alter the situation
  20. Utilize, make use of, harness, or exert influence
  21. Ideal, Industry Standard
  22. Union, unity, harmony
  23. task, duty, role
  24. Final result, ultimate outcome, main point or essence
  25. Just say them!

Corporate Calls – Remote Buzzword Bingo

Oh, and this is nothing new, but I thought it would help lighten the mood, to have a couple of new ‘work from home’ type bingo cards. I thought the pandemic bingo was the best, given the changes we’ve all had to make.

This is all despite what guidance I’ve been given.  If we are stuck at home, what’s the worst that can come from a little bingo score card?

Especially, when you start the day with your keyboard not working on your laptop, the inability to see your desktop and a multitude of other IT issues! Thank god for remote IT support!!

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Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Eliminated in 2020 1
Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Eliminated in 2020 2

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