How I Saved 1M with a Sole Source Supplier

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tealbook Global Launch – Lessons Learned

A Look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Cvent – My One Day Training

If learned nothing else, it’s that I never want to be a meeting planner!

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Right Data. For the Right Decisions. Using the Right Technology – RightSpend.

How I Saved 5M+ in Agency Spend

Not only am I going to show you how I saved 5M in my multi-year implementation of RightSpent as an Advertising Agency Management tool at Gilead, but I’ve got a little bit more up my sleeve. I want to give you a SNEAK PREVIEW into (Rightspend 2.0). So sit down and buckle up, because this search is going to revolutionize the services procurement marketplace.

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Pulling Back the Cost Curtain on Advertising Agencies

It’s 2019 and it still feels like I am living in the past when managing advertising agencies. They are reluctant to provide a consistent level of transparency and business partners are still hesitant to push back on them to provide it. You would think this wouldn’t even be up for discussion given all the information we’ve been given, specifically: 2006 ANA/4-A’s Compensation Guide, 2016 K-2 Media Transparency Report and agency management tools available. And it is driving me bloody bonkers!

From the looks of it – I’m not alone! See the two year update on this report from ANA – click here for the article link.*If you haven’t already read the guide or report sponsored by the ANA – click here , scroll to the bottom of this article to download a copy of each for review.

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It’s Time to Stop the Meaningless Meeting Maniacs!

37B/Yr. Lost in Inefficient Meetings

No matter if it’s a RFP presentation, capabilities pitch or internal meeting. These things can cause loss of time and money. So please humor us all and knock it off!

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tealbook – The Global Launch

How Old School is Your Supplier Tool?

This isn’t a database that only gives you contract, spend data and diversity reporting on internal suppliers. It’s more than just a consolidated and enhanced external supplier search tool. tealbook is an intuitive platform, enhanced with AI that adapts to the ever changing market. Therefore, I’m proud to be the first to implement the platform company wide.

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The Sourcing Redemption

Suppliers and Vendors – This Rant is for You!

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How Service Based Companies Increase Profit Part 2: How to Defend Against Them

If you haven’t had the chance – read (Part 1) regarding top tactics service companies use to increase profits. This article is intended to address these common issues using negotiation tactics to ensure profits stay reasonable. I won’t ever ask you to work for free, but you sure as hell shouldn’t be driving a Lamborghini to work!

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How Service Based Companies Increase Profit

Does a supplier having a profit margin in excess of 35+% seem unthinkable? Well it happens. I’ve seen it consistently over the past 10+ years. Here are some of the most common ways service based organizations (who bill/invoice by time and materials) can increase their profits. Simple as they may be, suppliers still leverage them in 2019. Some tricks are just too easy to get away with if no one is looking in the right places!

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