Pulling Back the Cost Curtain on Advertising Agencies

It’s 2019 and it still feels like I am living in the past when managing advertising agencies. They are reluctant to provide a consistent level of transparency and business partners are still hesitant to push back on them to provide it. You would think this wouldn’t even be up for discussion given all the information we’ve been given, specifically: 2006 ANA/4-A’s Compensation Guide, 2016 K-2 Media Transparency Report and agency management tools available. And it is driving me bloody bonkers!

From the looks of it – I’m not alone! See the two year update on this report from ANA – click here for the article link.*If you haven’t already read the guide or report sponsored by the ANA – click here , scroll to the bottom of this article to download a copy of each for review.

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Rate Analysis Made Easy

Ever struggled with having enough information on a rate to negotiate with – no time or money for a single rate benchmark? Maybe you need a quick analysis to make sure a new supplier is aligned with your other preferred suppliers. What about needing to know the profit margin for each position on a rate card? Maybe you want to improve your Algebra/Excel skills – continuous learning plan anyone? Whatever the driver is, information is power. I’m going to show you in five minutes how you to figure out the breakdown of an hourly rate. It’s only three steps and you’ll look as smart as a Nuclear Physicist!

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