GWPP – Virtual Meetup – Climbing the Virtual Ladder (Video)

 (#GWPP) is hosting a five-part virtual event series to bring you relevant content all summer long!

Amanda Prochaska will kick off the discussion about how to climb the #digitalladder at our first event on April 22nd.

There’s a shift to a more #digital way of #workingremotely. How can #womeninprocurement continue to grow professionally and work towards rising up & #makinganimpact?

Meet our panel:

Sally Stephens has run across the Golden Gate bridge twice. Sally is an avid horror movie watcher and reader. She spent a night in Saudi Arabia & wore the customary clothing.

Keecia Scott is a tomboy who loves ATV riding in Vegas. She’s been watching soap operas since age 6 & is an infomercial fanatic who’s As Seen on TV collection is outgrowing her house.

Dana Small is the youngest graduate of the Executive MBA at Purdue. She & the hubs got married at the Oakland courthouse & pulled a random witness off the street. She playing craps & trips to Vegas.

Meet our remaining panelists Julia Braun & Stéphanie Leduc later this week (creating suspense).

GWPP - Virtual Meetup - Climbing the Virtual Ladder (Video) 1

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