Webinar: The Global Tealbook Rollout – 9.4 at 2pm EST


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I’m a Webinar Co-Host!

Webinar Background Information


If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that I’ve rolled-out the groundbreaking new vendor management solution called – tealbook. If not, catch up with the link to my blogs below:


Blog Posts

The Tealbook Rollout

Tealbook – Lessons Learned


The Solution

Or check-out tealbook.com

Webinar Discussion

The webinar will be a live case study on BioMarin’s global roll out of Tealbook’s master data management solution. 

I will share the business drivers supporting the roll out, the phases of implementing Tealbook, successes, learnings and outcomes. 

Additionally, I’ll cover what I’ve written in my blogs and further expand on the ideas. Hopefully in sharing the successes and pitfalls of our global roll-out, others will be inspired to do the same.


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Watch it here 👉 Webinar Recording

Webinar: The Global Tealbook Rollout - 9.4 at 2pm EST 1

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