A Fun Guide to Marketing Jargon (For Non-marketing Professionals)


Marketing Jargon – 101


It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, so I thought it might be time to come back with a fun blog.  I mean, what really do we all have better to do then to take some time out and learn new things!

Initially I was going to try and do this in regards to dating, but it seems like others have already beat me to the punch. Check it out Understanding Marketing Jokes Here.

That said, their list is a bit lacking on terms, and not something I think my brand should be attached to!

So I’ve decided to clean it up, tweak it, and add a few more terms to keep you entertained.

Traditional Marketing


Direct Marketing – You’re out at a bar and you approach a guy and tell him, “I’m the best dancer in the world”

Advertising – You get a friend to walk over, point, and tell a guy that you’re the best dancer in the world.

Spam – You get the DJ to stop the music and announce that you are the world’s best dancer!

Brand Recognition – Two friends walk by and say, “Look, there is the world’s best dancer!”

Public Relations – You send over a round of free drinks for a table full of cute guys, from the World’s Best Dancer.

Paid Advertising – You take out an ad in the local newspaper with your picture that says “World’s best dancer!”

Customer Feedback – You walk over to someone and ask them to dance, and they say, “I can’t dance and neither should you.”

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Digital Marketing


CRM – Customer Relationship Management – You sign up for on-line dating site/app.

DAM – Digital Asset Management – You sign up for multiple dating sites, and store them in a centralized folder on your phone.

Content Marketing – You posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social media site that “you’re single and ready to mingle!”

Engagement Rate – The number of people who not only swipe right on tinder, but also send you a message.

Click through rate – You send a message through a dating app, and the number of people who see your message and actually respond to it.

Conversion rate – The number of people who decide to meet you on a date after messaging/talking with them.

Bounce Rate – Percentage of your first dates that don’t come back for a second.

Re-targeting/Re-marketing – Inviting someone on a date that you’ve previously messaged and said they were ‘too busy.’

Target Market/Audience –  Your basic profile requirements when dating

Call to Action – Sending a “call me if you are interested!” message with your phone number attached.

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