More RFP Mistakes, Mishaps and Mayhem!

RFP Mistakes
RFP mistakes

RFP Mistakes…


What do you do, when you’ve encountered writer’s block? That’s right! Exploit others’ pain anonymously! Kidding. I would never do such a thing!

But then again, this isn’t my first blog dedicated to RFP mistakes, and epic fails (check out: Gone with the RFP  and the Prequel for some additional entertainment).

And due to a considerable increase in the number of RFPs I’ve taken part in recently, a fair amount left me scratching my head or chuckling; so I figured, why not share? I’ve endured the week-long meeting mania for someone’s entertainment, so enjoy!

And if you’re looking for some real advice – check out this article by RFP 360 on RFP Mistakes.

Stage Five Clinger

Now it’s fine to have questions, but calling me 2-3x’s daily and follow-up emails to those calls, tend to be a bit much. I did get your 500th email and voicemail, yet I’m still stuck in meetings all day and can’t snap to a response. And the same goes for my internal business partner; she’s busy too.

I do understand that you are very eager to win the business, but this crosses the borderline into the needy zone. Which isn’t normal. Just like in dating, if you had someone stalking you out, do you think it would make you want to return the phone calls? So excuse me as I make a mad dash and run for the hills – It’s a Stage Five Clinger Alert!

Gorillas in the Mist

Halfway through a pitch, this woman decides to break out her laptop, and start transcribing her written notes into what I can only assume was a word document or email. She made quite a scene getting it all set-up too, but that’s not my problem.

Unfortunately, this woman had the touch of an 800lb Gorilla typing on her laptop. Having a heart attack at the same time. Which diverted the entire team’s attention from the pitch. And kept it. Because the faces she made resembled those of that Great Ape in distress. This was one of those RFP mistakes you can’t forget, so I guess she gets points for making it memorable?

The Tight-Roll

Wearing jeans to a pitch, with an 80s tight-roll to top it all off. I might understand why you would do this if it were a Friday, and you had worked with us before. Especially if you thought you had already won the business. (Still unacceptable, but at least understandable in my opinion).

So, I was left scratching my head when I noticed the most senior staff member, being the least formal during a major account pitch. On a Tuesday Morning. And everyone else was in business attire / suits (including our team). Trying too hard to be trendy or posh? Yeah, I don’t care if they are calling it a ‘Pin Roll’ now, give the 80s their fashion mistakes back!

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Peeking Tom’s


I am okay with you having someone there to watch reactions of our team, to basically gauge how the pitch is going. But what I am annoyed by is the fact you are walking around the room like a principal at lunchtime.

There is no need to try and peek to see what’s on my screen. It’s why I have the privacy filter!

Nobody has won a pitch from finding information people are writing/typing during the process, so please knock it off! You’re giving me anxiety because you can’t sit still for more than five minutes.

Netflix Nightmare


Don’t steal a creative concept/picture from a Netflix movie – The Creative Brain.

I mean, I get the graphic is cool and relates since we deal with a disorder that affects the brain, but since my business partner found out, he’s not to keen on your creative team.

Just saying, if you’re going to borrow something you see – at least change the color scheme. Or try to make it look like you did a bit of photoshop for us, sheesh.


Oh, one last thing… if you could please leave your shoes on during the meeting… that would be great!

RFP Mistakes
More RFP Mistakes, Mishaps and Mayhem! 1

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